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Student of the Trimester 2017-2018

The Student of the Trimester is selected by the shop instructors in each technical program area. The criteria for the Student of the Trimester program is based on a student’s improvement, service, attitude, and shop projects. The program is intended to raise self-esteem in the student body.




Trimester 3 – June 2018

Shop Student Grade Town
Automotive Abigail Galas 11 Acushnet
Business Technology Jared Plante 10 Acushnet
CAD Drafting Lauren Patenaude 11 Lakeville
Computer Science Lucas Dirado 10 Carver
Cosmetology Sarah Dawicki 10 Lakeville
Culinary Arts Meghan Spangler 09 Mattapoisett
Electrical Connor Halle 11 Acushnet
Electronics Ryan Farias 11 Rochester
Graphic Communication and Design Doug Johnston 11 Lakeville
Health Careers Anthony Ferreira 10 Freetown
House & Mill Carpentry Douglas Smith 11 Carver
Machine & Tool John Boyko 10 Lakeville
Metal Fabrication Benjamin McCarey 9 Lakeville




Trimester 2 – March 2018

Shop Student Grade Town
Automotive Kaysie Moniz 11 Acushnet
Business Technology Eric Hackett 10 Freetown
CAD Drafting Katherine Ashley 10 Freetown
Computer Science Aiden Nordahl 11 Rochester
Cosmetology Abigail DaSilva 09 Acushnet
Culinary Arts Devan Galas 10 Acushnet
Electrical Kyle Fernandes 12 Acushnet
Electronics Chris Lambert 09 Freetown
Graphic Communication and Design Chris Conde 11 Rochester
Health Careers Rylie Taveira 11 Freetown
House & Mill Carpentry Thomas Forde 11 Carver
Machine & Tool Liam Stuart 10 Rochester
Metal Fabrication Marcus Ashley 11 Acushnet



Trimester 1 – November 2017

Shop Student Grade Town
Automotive Thomas Ekbom 10 Carver
Business Technology Zach McMahon 10 Lakeville
CAD Drafting Daniel Lawrence 11 Carver
Computer Science Miranda Besse 11 Lakeville
Cosmetology Taylor Mello 10 Lakeville
Culinary Arts Lauren McGowan 11 Acushnet
Electrical Jacob DoCouto 12 Acushnet
Electronics Thomas Buckley 10 Lakeville
Graphic Communication and Design Kiera Perryman 12 Lakeville
Health Careers Kayln Swartz 10 Lakeville
House & Mill Carpentry Bailee Amaral 11 Freetown
Machine & Tool Jack Condon 12 Lakeville
Metal Fabrication Kyle Scott 10 Carver