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Student of the Trimester

The Student of the Trimester is selected by the shop instructors in each technical program area. The criteria for the Student of the Trimester program is based on a student’s improvement, service, attitude, and shop projects. The program is intended to raise self-esteem in the student body.


Trimester 3 – June 2017

AUTOMOTIVE Jordyn Dexter 9 Rochester
CAD DRAFTING Josh Mitzan 11 Freetown
COMPUTER INFO SYSTEMS Eric Hackett 9 Freetown
COSMETOLOGY Skylar Duarte 10 Carver
CULINARY ARTS Victoria Hannon 9 Carver
ELECTRICAL Katelyn Besse 10 Freetown
ELECTRONICS Tanner Safford 11 Carver
GRAPHIC COMM/DESIGN Victoria Belanger 10 Rochester
HEALTH CAREERS Allyson Bertoldo 10 Acushnet
HOUSE/MILL CARPENTRY Josh Kingsbury 11 Lakeville
MACHINE/TOOL Rachel Baker 11 Carver
WELDING/METAL FAB Ian Vezina 11 Lakeville



Trimester 2 – March 2017

AUTOMOTIVE Tyler Hartford 9 Freetown
CAD DRAFTING Justin Melo 11 Acushnet
COMPUTER INFO SYSTEMS Thomas Stellato 11 Mattapoisett
COSMETOLOGY Sarah Harbick 9 Acushnet
CULINARY ARTS Sarah Dernier 12 Freetown
ELECTRICAL Tim Donnelly 12 Freetown
ELECTRONICS Jacob Rinkus 12 Lakeville
GRAPHIC COMM/DESIGN Hannah Canterbury 10 Acushnet
HEALTH CAREERS Lucas Ketchie 9 Rochester
HOUSE/MILL CARPENTRY Amanda Hannon 10 Carver
MACHINE/TOOL Ronnie Frates 11 Rochester
WELDING/METAL FAB Andrew Nataly 12 Rochester



Trimester 1 – November 2016

AUTOMOTIVE Brad Plissey 11 Freetown
CAD DRAFTING Robert Pina 10 Rochester
COMPUTER INFO SYSTEMS Matthew Leate 12 Lakeville
COSMETOLOGY Shantelle Hicks 10 Freetown
CULINARY ARTS Kasey Cullen 12 Acushnet
ELECTRICAL Connor Halle 10 Acushnet
ELECTRONICS Kevin Gazard 10 Lakeville
GRAPHIC COMM/DESIGN Erin Taylor 11 Rcohester
HEALTH CAREERS Hannah Davignon 11 Acushnet
HOUSE/MILL CARPENTRY Bethany Spangler 12 Mattapoisett
MACHINE/TOOL Jalon Walbridge 12 Carver
WELDING/METAL FAB Chelsey Champagne 12 Freetown