Computer Information Systems

CIS – Course Description:

The Computer Information Systems Program at Old Colony RVTHS is designed to give students a solid foundation in computer and business systems skills and knowledge. Unique from other shops, CIS offers two Chapter 74 programs (occupational programs of study). The programs are Office Administration (OA) and Program & Information Systems (IS).

These programs have a common foundation of computer applications and general computer knowledge. All students acquire these skills in the freshman and sophomore years. The students pick an area of specialization at the end of their sophomore year. Specialized training occurs in the junior and senior years. Another unique element of the CIS shop is the inclusion of Web Design & Development training for all students. This curriculum is woven into all four years of study, regardless of OA/IS specialization.

CIS – Goals:

It is the intent of the program to give students sufficient skills to obtain entry level office technology, computer programming, computer support, and/or Web design & development positions. Additionally, this program will provide a solid foundation to those students wishing to further their education.

CIS – Shop/Classroom Format:

The instructors in the CIS department employ a variety of teaching and evaluation strategies. While lecture and reading assignments are sometimes used, the majority of the time our students are engaged in hands-on, project-based learning activities. Students are required to maintain a portfolio of their accomplishments.

Students are graded on a daily basis for their conduct, effort, and attitude. Additionally, students are graded on written tests and quizzes, as well as their projects. Expectations for student performance conform to industry standards.


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