Staff – Alphabetical

To e-mail any staff member please take their e-mail address from this page and add to the end of it.  To reach a staff member by phone, call 508-763-8011  and then enter their extension from below.


Polansky, Aaron Superintendent-Director x116 apolansky
Canessa, Rosemarie Admin. Assistant (S-D) x116 rcanessa
Deady, Linda Academic Coordinator (S-D) x195 ldeady
Fay, Krystla Special Services Coordinator x142 kfay
Guenette, Karen Principal x118 kguenette
Harrison, David Dean of Students x125 dharrison
Griffith, Sarah Business Manager x113  sgriffith
Machamer, Jackie Assistant Principal/Vocational Coordinator x119 jmachamer
Reznekervitz, Thomas  Bldg/Grounds  x115  trez

Faculty & Staff

Abaray, Donna Administrative Secretary x148 dabaray
Abaray, John P. Culinary x121 jabaray
Abaray, Susan Guidance x129 sabaray
Amaral, Al CAD x184 aamaral
Amaral, Rhonda Health Careers x138 ramaral
Andrade, Crystal Cafeteria Manager x114 candrade
Avellar, Robert Carpentry x160 ravellar
Boisvert, Angel Special Education x181 aboisvert
Botelho, Bethany CAD x122 bbotelho
Brush, Dan Electronic Engineering Technology x124 dbrush
Busa, Eugene Health/Physical Education x177 ebusa
Cabral, Ed Electrical x170 ecabral
Clarke, Samantha Culinary Arts x168 sclarke
DeCosta-Blevines, Jennifer Secretary x111 jblevines
Darcy, Heather Social Studies x154 hdarcy
Davenport, Lance welding x178 ldavenport
Despres, Gina English x155 gdespres
Desrochers, Doug A. Welding/Metal Fab x135 ddesrochers
Dutra, Richard Electronics x173 rdutra
Falcon, Michelle Science x150 mfalcon
Faria, Lisa Bookkeeping Asst. x193 lfaria
Ferreira, Michael Machine/Tool x175 mferreira
Foley, Heidi Special Education x189 hfoley
Furtado, Scott Auto x134 sfurtado
Gamelin, Marcie Math x169 mgamelin
Gifford, Heather English x152 hgifford
Gonsalves, Kevin Math x183 kgonsalves
Gonsalves, Steve Security x164 sgonsalves
Guy, Christine Library x120 cguy
Hebert, Ashley Special Education x189 aherbert
Hevey, Kelly Guidance Counselor x127 khevey
Hoyle, Tammy Cosmetology x186 thoyle
Humphrey, Michelle School Nurse x20 mhumphrey
Jupin, Beth Math x156 bjupin
LaCroix, Sharon School Adjustment Counselor x263 slacroix
Lincoln, Craig Math x157 clincoln
Maher, Dori Title I/MCAS Secretary x198 dmaher
Mare, John Automotive x159 jmare
Mello, Francis Machine/Tool x136 fmello
Mendez, Brandon Paraprofessional bmendez
Metivier, Marsha CIS/Business Tech x162 mmetivier
Miranda, Steven Culinary Arts x194 smiranda
Murray, Erin Graphic Comm & Design x197 emurray
O’Neill, Kyle Technology Specialist x199 koneill
Oldham, John Social Studies x153 joldham
Parnell, Kimberly Cosmetology x187 kparnell
Pedrosa, Sergio English/Spanish x151 spedrosa
Pepin, Shirley Math x172 spepin
Peterson, Kathy Graphic Comm & Design x133 kpeterson
Raymond, Vanessa Cosmotology x137 vraymond
Reece, Eileen Payroll/Asst. Treas. x117 ereece
Richard, Michael Welding/Metal Fab x135 mrichard
Robert, Dawn Attendance x166 drobert
Robidoux, Ryan CIS x163 rrobidoux
Sherman, Loretta Guidance x126 lsherman
Silva, Deb Health Careers x138 dsilva
Sims, Doug Carpentry x132 dsims
Sleight, Paul Graphic Comm & Design x133 psleight
Smith, Deb Student Services Secretary x140 dsmith
Soucy, Susan CIS x123 ssoucy
Spirlet, Anne Guidance x128 aspirlet
Sylvia, Bryan CADD x184 bsylvia
Szymanski, Maria Acct. Pay. Asst. x112 mszymanski
Taveira, Kelly Special Education Teacher x181 ktaveira
Trahan, Matthew Athletic Director x143 mtrahan
Weeden, Toni English x145 tweeden
Laura Zell Health Careers x138 lzell
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